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NAT® Trigger Point Treatment Program for Bulging Disc

Shooting pain on one side of the body, numbness, tingling – these are all symptoms of a bulging disc.

Often occurring in the lower back or in the neck, a bulging disc can cause intense, life-disrupting pain. A bulging disc is also one of the most common injuries suffered by people as they age.

Anyone who regularly lifts heavy objects, twists and turns their body, is exposed to constant vibration (from driving) or who sits for long periods can be susceptible to this injury. If you get this injury, here’s what you may feel:

Those who suffer a bulging disc in their neck, may feel searing pain in their shoulder and upper arm.
If you experience a bulging disc in your lower back, you may experience strong pain in your buttocks, leg and sometimes foot.
A bulging disc can also weaken the surrounding muscle, affecting your ability to hold items or possibly causing you to stumble.

This NAT program will show you how to identify trigger points and then use Trigger Point Therapy to treat your condition. The program includes:-

6 highly effective stretches with complete instructions and diagrams for how to do them - designed to work between treatments
9 exercises to work between treatments and to help strengthen your core and protect your back and neck
4 hands-on pressure point techniques with fully illustrated instructions, and "referred pain maps"
Lifestyle and diet changes that can help you avoid suffering a bulging disc or other back problem in the future
How to identify the red flags that indicate an injury is so severe that a visit to the doctor is needed

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