Pressure Positive™/NAT® Foam Roller Exercise E-Guide

Pressure Positive™/NAT® Foam Roller Exercise E-Guide

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It seems like just about everyone has a foam roller nowadays, but incorrect use of this useful piece of equipment can actually do more harm than good! Self-myofascial release (SMR), also known as “foam rolling,” has transformed from a once mysterious technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists to a familiar everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness.
Foam rolling is uniquely effective for warming up ‘cold’ muscles before stretching and loosening tight tissue or ‘trigger points’ in muscles that may otherwise be difficult to access. You don’t always have to roll over the taut bands, sometimes it’s sufficient just to pause on them with the roller, breathe and let the tension melt away. The Pressure Positive™/NAT® Foam Roller Exercise Guide is authored by osteopath Simeon Niel Asher and includes 21 foam roller exercises for trigger point release, pain relief, and general wellness.
The e-guide also includes additional information about trigger point therapy insofar as it pertains to foam rolling. Each foam roller exercise is accompanied with clear and precise instructions, and is fully illustrated. This is an excellent guide for therapists or trainers looking to create hand-outs for their clients; or for anyone who owns a foam roller, or is considering getting one.