Save Yourself from Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome e-Book (Download)

Save Yourself from Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome e-Book (Download)

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by Paul Ingraham of and Dr. Tim Taylor Selected illustrations by Paul Ingraham, Shayne Letain, Alexia Tryfon

A thought-provoking tour of myofascial pain syndrome, this guide focuses on "teaching a man to fish." It presents an extensive exploration of the principles of trigger point therapy, what works and what doesn't and why, with countless tips, tricks and insights for difficult cases. Every possible treatment option is explored and explained in great detail in this regularly updated 100,000 word e-book by science writer and former massage therapist, Paul Ingraham (and Dr. Tim Taylor covers some sub-topics). His style is engaging, scientifically rigorous, and current.

An online downloadable format provides a unique extra “layer” of more detailed information and references, ideal for both keen patients and professional readers.

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Paul Ingraham revises and expands the tutorial as the science evolves, and the purchase price gives you permanent access to the current version of the document on