The Bum Wrap: Therapeutic Relief for Sciatic Pain

The Bum Wrap: Therapeutic Relief for Sciatic Pain

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Muscle knot





The Bum Wrap is designed to work out trigger points: the constricted knots in a tight band of muscle that restrict circulation in knotted muscle fibers. As pressure and heat is applied to a trigger point, the body begins to release the knot and slowly relieve the pain and tension in the muscle.

The Bum Wrap - Hot/Cold Trigger Point Therapy

  • Safe, effective, natural relief for muscle knots, sciatica, and trigger points 

  • Patented semi-fluid ceramic clay hot/cold pad holds heat or cold for long periods 

  • Therapy balls adjust to provide pinpoint pressure to the effected area and stay put while in use 

  • Adjustable wrap insures effective targeting of trigger points when used with the hot/cold compress and therapy balls 

  • Included instruction booklet provides detailed illustrations on trigger points and how to alleviate them