Tired, Sore or Swollen Feet? Here's the remedy that can't be beat!

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One thing is true about feet ... There is no other place in the whole human body we feel so much pleasure to treat! For "foot people" there is nothing quite as pleasurable as a good foot massage. It almost makes the soreness in our feet worth it! However, not all foot treatments are created equal. The myofascial foot remedy in this issue of Muscle News not only feels great, but also has the added benefit of being therapeutic and corrective to myofascial tissues from head to toe! Don't forget, the fascial sheath that surrounds our body starts at the feet and wraps all the way up to our heads like a full body pantyhose. So, while you enjoy the following myofascial spa treatment for your feet, you are improving the health of your entire musculoskeletal system!

The Miracle Hand and Wrist Treatment: Part 2

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We know you therapists especially are going to enjoy Part 2 of the Miracle Hand & Wrist Treatment: Weak grip & Stiff Fingers While being a hindrance to the life of anyone these symptoms can be disabling to a professional bodyworker! This issue we will teach you the basic method to get rid of these TWO frustrating and painful conditions. At some future point in time (quite soon if our efforts succeed), knowing how to take care of your body will be part of everyone's education. Thank you for supporting us in spreading Muscle News to as many friends, family and colleagues as possible!

The Miracle Hand and Wrist Treatment: Part 1

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One of the hard lessons we've learned in medicine is that Repetitive Use Injuries are real. We don't have to have a traumatic incident to incur an injury in a joint, muscle or tendon. All that has to happen to seriously wound a joint or muscle is repeated use day after day without proper maintenance and recovery. Realizing this, one area that takes a pounding in modern life is the hand & wrist! Day after day, between using the computer to writing to driving, the hand & wrist never get a break! And who takes the time or even knows how to perform maintenance on this vital body area?

Pain in the Thorax or Chest? Don't Assume the Worst!

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There is an excellent reason our chests are protected by a powerful cage of ribs and fascia ... to protect our life-sustaining organs, such as the heart and lungs. When you have pain in the chest or thoracic cavity, you must certainly not ignore it. If there are accompanying symptoms down your arm, there may be something very unpleasant brewing in this vital area of your body, and you should seek a proper medical evaluation. However, many times it is hard to track down the cause of pains and aches in this scary body region. Thankfully, the field of Trigger Point Therapy has offered many solutions to these otherwise enigmatic symptoms. Pain in the thoracic cage and chest are frequently the result of easy to treat trigger points in several muscles, rather than an indication of serious illness. In this issue of Muscle News, we are going to look at one such muscle that causes mysterious thoracic pain without a dangerous underlying cause.

I've Been Shot in the Back Muscle - One-Sided Low Back Pain & SI Joint Injury!

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A remarkable number of people are familiar with a joint that you really have no business knowing about unless you're an anatomy professor. It's not like your elbow or knee or wrist that you willingly use every day. In fact, it barely even moves at all, but rather wiggles a little when you walk in a tiny figure 8 pattern that is virtually undetectable to all but the trained professional's eye. t's called your Sacroiliac Joint or SI joint, and if you put your hands on your hips backwards, your fingers would pretty much be right on top of the joint. Not exactly one of the "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" parts of the body we refer to on a regular basis.