Trigger Points That Hurt Your Eyesight : Check These 2 Muscles

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Why would eyesight be a topic for Muscle News? As you know, we pride ourselves in making things simple to understand, so let's break it down. Assuming all other factors are in check (cloudiness of your eye lens, intraocular pressure, etc.), the clarity of what you see is a matter of bending the lens of your eye to aim the light at your retina. Simple, right? Click Here to see it work. And what bends the lens to focus what you see? That's right ... muscles!

Don't Live With These 5 Causes of Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is not a small or joking matter. Living in pain can drastically affect your life, not only physically, but also your emotional well-being and your relationships. Students and practitioners of the Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy field look to the brilliant work of Dr. Janet Travell (President Kennedy's personal physician) for insights into the causes of chronic pain many patients are dealing with. This issue of Muscle News is based on Dr. Travell's powerful statement that if there was only one thing we could do for anyone in chronic pain, it would be to check for and correct a specific set of Underlying Perpetuating Factors (UPF's).

Solving Thumb Pain: Have You Developed Trigger Points from Texting?

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One of the features that sets human beings apart from most other animals is having opposable thumbs. This simply means that we can reach our thumbs across our palms to touch our pinkies. This ability may not seem that special at first, but many of our beloved handheld devices, including cell phones, rely heavily on this evolutionary advantage. Texting especially uses our thumbs' opposability.

Tri State Velo and Pressure Positive Gear Up Again For a New Season of Racing

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Tri State Velo Cycling Club, in Philadelphia, PA, is proud to announce that The Pressure Positive Company will again be one of their associate sponsors for the 20114-2015 racing season. Tri-State Velo was conceived in 1994 and brought to fruition by a dedicated group of racing cyclists who share the belief that a cycling club can be successful at both the grass roots and elite levels of competition....

Heart Attack? Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? Or Trigger Points in Your Chest Muscle!

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As we have seen in previous issues, trigger points can sometimes mimic more severe health problems. One of the most serious and concerning health problems is the myocardial infarction (heart attack), which is often accompanied by pain in the left chest,shoulder and down the inside of the left arm, forearm and hand. These symptoms just happen to be very similar to the symptoms of trigger points in the star of this month's Muscle News ... a chest muscle known as the Pectoralis Minor (Pec Minor).