A Dynamic Duo

By Beth Ann Chamberlain September 15, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am both a biathlete and a massage therapist and have found that my two careers complement each other well. Biathletes like massages and massage can help a biathlete keep his or her body feeling good. As an athlete I am constantly working on keeping my body fit, recovered and feeling good. As a massage therapist I am constantly working on new ways I can help alleviate chronic or acute pain, reduce infl ammation, relax tight muscles and shorten recovery time for each of my massage clients. Using my knowledge, skill, and awareness from both of these professions I’vedeveloped unique perspective on how best to perform my job balancing my two careers.

As an athlete, I know how demanding we can be at times. A scratchy throat can ruin a day or even a week, a tight hamstring can quickly lead to a mild panic attack and afternoon naps are pretty much essential. You might think this sounds pretty silly but there is a good reason for all these concerns. As an athlete our bodies are our job. We depend on the health andwell being of them to get us throughour work day. When something feelsa little off, it can derail us in a way a “normal” person wouldn’t relate to. Massage therapy can help prevent a major derailment from occurring by working out sore, tight muscles, everyday aches and pains and helping maintain good flexibility. Being both an athlete and a massage therapist I know and understand the importance of keeping an athlete’s body in top shape and know how massage can help the body maintain that state.

Mending A Swollen AnkleBethAnn helping mend a sore swollen ankle and lower leg of friend and teammate, Haley Johnson by applying some Kinesio tape to it. For more information on Kinesio taping email BethAnn at bac@mainewsc.org or check out their website, http://www.kinesiotaping.com

Four years ago, when I started this dynamic duo, I knew I had a great opportunity to pursue two interests of mine at the same time. But what I didn’t know is how much they would give back to one another. Bringing these two careers together has given me the chance to better myself both as a teammate and a massage therapist. I live and travel with athletes all year round. Like me these athletes are pushing their bodies far beyond the normal limit. They are all in need of body work after long training weeks. While I am not able to attend to all of their aches and pains (not even my husband who is also an athlete) I do try to lend two helping hands as often as I can. This work means a lot to me for a couple different reasons. It allows me to practice massage on people I am close to, who are also highly sensitiveto how their bodies feel and how they respond to different stimuli. This means I can poke and prod them however I see fit and they will be very clear in telling me if the work is helpful or not. But more importantly, I am able to help my teammates feel better through the work we do together.

I feel pretty lucky to have worked out two careers that fit so nicely together. They both are very challenging in two very different ways. But one theme remains constant throughout both, I strive, day in and day out, to do my best work for me and my clients.

About the Author:
BethAnn is a Maine Winter Sports Center biathlete living and training in Caribou, ME. She also works at County Physical Therapy in Caribou as a Licensed Massage Therapist. In addition to MWSC, she is also supported by: Cary Medical Center, The Pressure Positive Co., Grandy Oats Granola and Icebreaker. Many thanks to each of these establishments. Their support help make BethAnn’s biathlon career possible. You can reach BethAnn at the following email address. bac@mainewsc.org

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