July 2015

Tired, Sore or Swollen Feet? Here's the remedy that can't be beat!

By Pressure Positive July 31, 2015 No comments
One thing is true about feet ... There is no other place in the whole human body we feel so much pleasure to treat! For "foot people" there is nothing quite as pleasurable as a good foot massage. It almost makes the soreness in our feet worth it! However, not all foot treatments are created equal. The myofascial foot remedy in this issue of Muscle News not only feels great, but also has the added benefit of being therapeutic and corrective to myofascial tissues from head to toe! Don't forget, the fascial sheath that surrounds our body starts at the feet and wraps all the way up to our heads like a full body pantyhose. So, while you enjoy the following myofascial spa treatment for your feet, you are improving the health of your entire musculoskeletal system!