Backnobber II Restores Hope

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We frequently hear from customers who find that our self care tools enable them to gain a measure of control over their muscle discomfort that they never thought possible. This week we heard from Amy who had this to say:

"Dear Positive Pressure,

I just purchased the Backnobber II this afternoon. 

I am literally in awe  of this product. As a person who deals with the deep tightness and pain of Fibromyalgia and trigger points galore, I can tell you that with only a few minutes of use, I felt better than I have felt in YEARS.

 Of course, the pain of working on trigger points can be excruciating, but the amount of control that this miracle tool provides is fabulous.  I am so glad that I decided to spend this money on my health and wellbeing today.  It is the single greatest purchase I have ever made.  The thankfulness I feel brings tears to my eyes.  I feel like I have been given my life back.  I look forward to feeling vibrant again!

This is truly a self help tool.  I am going to send one to my son who is a
United States Marine.  His stress level is extremely high, and I KNOW he
will be grateful for the relief he will get!!  Thank you for a great product.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

If you have some thoughts to share about how Pressure Positive products help you to manage your muscle pain, let us know. Knowing that we are helping people help themselves is what keeps us motivated!

Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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