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Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica

By Pressure Positive January 4, 2016 No comments

Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica
by Judith Winer on Jan 04, 2016

When we analyse the traffic through our clinics at the end of each quarter, sciatica seems to be always up there in the top ten. There are probably two good reasons for this. The first is that sciatica is one of those conditions where the pain can be extremely severe. The second, is that manual therapy has long since been recognised as being effective for providing relief, even by most medical doctors. In fact, any therapist familiar with trigger point therapy will tell you that they're always upbeat going in to treat sciatica, as the effects of the therapy are in most cases, extremely positive. This is something that has been reaffirmed in a number of studies.

3 Muscles that Cause Tooth Pain and Unnecessary Dental Procedures!

By Pressure Positive October 30, 2015 No comments
We know that trigger points can be excruciatingly painful, but who knew that some might literally cause you to pull your teeth out? We often complain about the lack of myofascial education in the medical profession. Calculations are made each year of the number and cost of unnecessary surgeries and other procedures performed due to improper diagnosis. Many of these cases result from completely overlooking myofascial pain caused by trigger points. However, there is one group of professionals who is starting to break that trend ... dentists!

The 6 Official Tests: You Can't Afford to Fail!

By Pressure Positive September 30, 2015 No comments
Strengthen your "core" ... Stabilize your "core" ... We hear this term all the time now from fitness trainers to physical therapists to yoga instructors to TV infomercials to vanity magazines... It is now widely understood the importance of Core Muscle stability ranges from preventing spinal surgeries, recovering from back injuries to keeping your waist slim and attractive. It is also accepted that Americans have some of the sloppiest and out of shape Core Muscles in the world.

Tired, Sore or Swollen Feet? Here's the remedy that can't be beat!

By Pressure Positive July 31, 2015 No comments
One thing is true about feet ... There is no other place in the whole human body we feel so much pleasure to treat! For "foot people" there is nothing quite as pleasurable as a good foot massage. It almost makes the soreness in our feet worth it! However, not all foot treatments are created equal. The myofascial foot remedy in this issue of Muscle News not only feels great, but also has the added benefit of being therapeutic and corrective to myofascial tissues from head to toe! Don't forget, the fascial sheath that surrounds our body starts at the feet and wraps all the way up to our heads like a full body pantyhose. So, while you enjoy the following myofascial spa treatment for your feet, you are improving the health of your entire musculoskeletal system!

The Miracle Hand and Wrist Treatment: Part 2

By Pressure Positive June 30, 2015 No comments
We know you therapists especially are going to enjoy Part 2 of the Miracle Hand & Wrist Treatment: Weak grip & Stiff Fingers While being a hindrance to the life of anyone these symptoms can be disabling to a professional bodyworker! This issue we will teach you the basic method to get rid of these TWO frustrating and painful conditions. At some future point in time (quite soon if our efforts succeed), knowing how to take care of your body will be part of everyone's education. Thank you for supporting us in spreading Muscle News to as many friends, family and colleagues as possible!