Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica

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Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica
by Judith Winer on Jan 04, 2016

When we analyse the traffic through our clinics at the end of each quarter, sciatica seems to be always up there in the top ten. There are probably two good reasons for this. The first is that sciatica is one of those conditions where the pain can be extremely severe. The second, is that manual therapy has long since been recognised as being effective for providing relief, even by most medical doctors. In fact, any therapist familiar with trigger point therapy will tell you that they're always upbeat going in to treat sciatica, as the effects of the therapy are in most cases, extremely positive. This is something that has been reaffirmed in a number of studies.

Recognizing the Underlying Causes of TMJ Pain

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Join us for a free 1 hour Webinar sponsored by Custom Craftworks, a brand of Pivotal Health Solutions.The TMJ Association states that TMJ Disorders are a complex and poorly understood set of conditions characterized by pain in the jaw joint and surrounding tissues and limitation in jaw movements. The trigeminal nerve (located directly behind the TMJ) is the most complex nerve in your body. The trigeminal and facial nerves work together to support the over 300 muscles, and all other structures of the head and face. Abnormal muscle function and a bad jaw position causes breakdown of the joint cartilage, abnormal nerve function, and changes blood flow to the brain. Along with jaw and face pain, this muscle imbalance is responsible for headaches and most migraines.

Jaw Problems, Face Pain, Headaches, & The Trigeminal Nerve

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Do you experience migraines, headaches or face pain? Perhaps you've received a diagnosis called "trigeminal neuralgia" or "tic doulourex." There is a direct "cause and effect" link between jaw problems, face pain, and headaches. Jaw problems exacerbate and can even cause headache and/or face pain through the trigeminal vascular complex, which consists of the trigeminal nerve system and related blood vessels.

Trigger Point Ablation and TMJ Syndrome A self-management approach to eradicating trigger points contributing to TMJ disorder or facial pain.

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A Practical Pain Manangement Clinical Report By Tiziano Marovino, DPT, DAAPM

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him
how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
—Chinese Proverb

We have all heard this message before and most of us would attest to the validity of this statement. It is with this philosophical message in mind that we present our first clinical report on a product that is not at all representative of high technology. It is not expensive, not technically difficult to use, does not require professional study or a degree as a prerequisite for use and, all in all, has little glamour. It is, I believe, a good current day example of teaching patients how to treat themselves. The device itself is actually quite unimpressive by first appearance and it would be quite natural for many to relegate in the realm of “clinical junk.” I would, however, caution those who might be drawn to this conclusion. The instrument is called the MyoFreeTM Solution(see Figure 1) and is a tool that uses intra-oral ischemic compression (pressure) to obliterate trigger points that can be the source of pain and dysfunction in the jaw and face. This instrument that can be used at home by the patient to treat intra-muscular trigger points (TPs) around the tempero-mandibular joint that often play a role in clinical TMJ syndrome.

Read the full PPM Clinical report here.

How I Overcame TMJ: The personal story of Gail Falzon

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My name is Gail Falzon. I am a registered nurse and I have suffered from TMJ for most of my life. I have experienced all the painful symptoms associated with TMJ, including difficulty chewing and opening my mouth, horrible headaches, earaches, face pain, and constant muscle spasms. So I know how much it hurts, and I know how much the pain of TMJ can literally take control of your life. My struggle with TMJ began at 14 when I got braces. Since that time, I've tried pain relievers, multiple bite splints, and after suffering a whiplash injury from a car wreck, I had my jaws surgically reconstructed and wore braces again for two years. But the medications, the bite splints, the surgery and braces didn't relieve my pain. After all this, I was completely frustrated and felt like there was no hope...