How I Overcame TMJ: The personal story of Gail Falzon

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My name is Gail Falzon. I am a registered nurse and I have suffered from TMJ for most of my life. I have experienced all the painful symptoms associated with TMJ, including difficulty chewing and opening my mouth, horrible headaches, earaches, face pain, and constant muscle spasms. So I know how much it hurts, and I know how much the pain of TMJ can literally take control of your life.

My struggle with TMJ began at 14 when I got braces. Since that time, I've tried pain relievers, multiple bite splints, and after suffering a whiplash injury from a car wreck, I had my jaws surgically reconstructed and wore braces again for two years. But the medications, the bite splints, the surgery and braces didn't relieve my pain.

After all this, I was completely frustrated and felt like there was no hope.

It was then that I decided to put my clinical background as a registered nurse to use. I researched jaw disorders and treatment options. What I discovered astounded me...I learned that deep muscle spasms inside my mouth were the underlying cause of my pain.

Then I learned how to relax those muscles through an effective treatment called "myofascial trigger point release therapy." Based on my research, I developed the MyoFree® tool and the Inside-Outside® technique to effectively self treat and relieve TMJ pain.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people with TMJ pain find relief. Most everyone who has used my system has learned how to become and stay pain free without drugs or surgery. It is my personal mission to help the millions who suffer from TMJ, headaches and face pain. I want to empower you with the knowledge and techniques so you can set yourself free. You can take back your life!

Yours in health,
Inventor of the MyoFree® Solution

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