Pay Attention To Your Body

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It is important to pay attention to the responses our bodies produce when stressed or in pain and to follow-up with stretching, relaxation and other exercises which help to reduce discomfort and tenderness. In addition, strengthening and resistance exercises to build and tone the muscles, along with proper nutrition and sleep will produce noticeable benefits.

The goals of trigger point therapy are to reduce pain and stiffness, restore function, increase range of motion and improve strength, posture and balance. The Original Backnobber II® tool and this guide will help you to achieve these goals. When using The Orginal Backnobber II® tool, remember to keep your body as relaxed as possible, especially in the area where you are applying pressure.


1 Only use The Original Backnobber II® tool for its intended purpose. This product is designed for use on all large and small muscles that can be comfortably reached.

2 Do not use The Original Backnobber II® tool without a physician’s consultation if (1) you recently experienced an injury or (2) suffer from a serious medical ailment or (3) are currently under a physician’s or therapist’s care.

3 If you recently underwent surgery, consult your physician and/or therapist before initiating massage and exercises with The Original Backnobber II® tool.

4 If bruising occurs, or if you experience residual pain, discontinue use until symptoms subside completely. Reduce the amount of pressure when resuming application.

5 Following use, if the area is swollen or red, apply cold packs. Consult a physician if inflammation persists more than two days.

6 Do not apply directly to the bones of the spinal column.

7 Stretching the muscles after using The Original Backnobber II® tool reduces soreness and inflammation.

8 Remember to pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. Only apply pressure that you can comfortably tolerate. Although you may experience some soreness and discomfort after initial use, these symptoms will subside as overall health improves.

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