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Trigger Points That Hurt Your Eyesight : Check These 2 Muscles

By Pressure Positive December 23, 2014 No comments
Why would eyesight be a topic for Muscle News? As you know, we pride ourselves in making things simple to understand, so let's break it down. Assuming all other factors are in check (cloudiness of your eye lens, intraocular pressure, etc.), the clarity of what you see is a matter of bending the lens of your eye to aim the light at your retina. Simple, right? Click Here to see it work. And what bends the lens to focus what you see? That's right ... muscles!

Suffering from Restless Legs, Pain or Insomnia? Try this “Restful Legs Recipe”

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
The Restful Legs Recipe is something we all can benefit from due to our modern sedentary lifestyle. As one trigger point therapist pointed out at an event this week, "Sitting has become an Olympic event." She explained that we "practice" sitting hunched over a desk, a computer or a steering wheel more hours per day than many Olympic athletes might practice their sport. All this sitting leads to shortening of our hip, thigh and leg muscles, causing trigger points and all manner of muscular and joint problems. The Restful Legs Recipe is a great solution to balance out all this sitting.

Testimonial: Ashik from Abu Dhabi (UAE)

By Pressure Positive September 18, 2014 No comments
Dear Team, I am Ashik from Abu Dhabi-UAE. First of all thanks for all team behind The Pressure Positive Company because last 5 years am suffering back pain mainly from my shoulder. Same time I just search in Google any solution for my issue then I found lot of people using Backnobber also I have seen the video in YouTube. Then immediateness I order one Backnobber through online...

Testimonial: Backnobber-II Really Hits The Spot.

By Pressure Positive September 18, 2014 No comments
Dear Pressure Positive, The Backnobber-II really hits the spot! It can relieve my sore back muscles almost immediately....

Testimonial: Backnobber-II Helps Sign Language Interpreter

By Pressure Positive September 18, 2014 No comments
Dear Pressure Positive, I just want to let you know that I think the Original Backnobber is great!