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Kneecap Pain or Problems? Solving the High Riding Patella.

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
Your kneecaps (patella bone) are designed for more than just good looks. Their real and very important function is to give added leverage to your Quadriceps muscles (knee muscles in the front of your thigh). When running, biking, swimming or climbing, you need all the leverage you can get to handle the amazing amount of force that is put through your knees. In fact, because of their importance, kneecap problems can be the unfortunate demise of an athlete's career...

Misdiagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the “Pinch Me” Nerve.

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
In this issue of Muscle News, we will address the irritating, painful and sometimes disabling condition of a nerve being compressed in our bodies. With even just a brief instant of compression on a nerve, such as when we hit our "funny bone" in the elbow (the Ulnar Nerve), we can experience shooting pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. When prolonged compression of a nerve occurs, such as a pinched nerve in the neck or low back (for example, sciatica), it can be extremely painful or even debilitating. A nerve that is commonly compressed and creates serious pain, numbness and weakness in the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers is called the Median Nerve, and it can be tricky, evading proper diagnosis and thwarting attempts at treatment. Its tendency to get trapped and compressed at multiple places from the neck to the wrist earns it the nickname the "Pinch Me" nerve.

Are “The Entrappers” Causing your Hand and Arm Pain?

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
If there is one muscle group that must be evaluated in every case of hand and arm pain, it is the group of three neck muscles called the Scalenes. The ability of the Scalenes to trap and compress nerves and blood vessels led Dr. Janet Travell (physician to JFK) to give them the nickname, "The Entrappers."

Wonderful Customer Feedback

By Pressure Positive September 15, 2014 No comments

I first got a Backnobber II in my late teens before I became a massage therapist and it has been wonderful to me!  Now, I am a massage therapist working in a physical therapy clinic and all of my patients and the physical therapists are totally addicted to it!  I am working through some overuse issues with my arm and hand and my physical therapist reccomended the Jacknobber II and Indexnobber II to save my CMC joint.  I just bought several of the different tools to try using in my practice for deep trigger point and myofascial release work, and for my own self care.

Thanks for making great tools- your company is the only one I trust and recommend to my patients/colleagues.

Haley N. Masbruch, LMP