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Life After Pain interview with Gail Falzon, RN, inventor of the MyoFree Solution

By Pressure Positive January 9, 2015 No comments is a website for people who want to get better. While being in pain makes life more difficult, that doesn’t mean you need to stop living life. Positive attitude and consistent action are the most important factors in getting better. They believe passionately in the power of knowledge and understanding to empower people to take action - and regain their lives.

MyoFree Solution: Patient Review

By September 16, 2014 No comments

This patient review was originally posted on the website.

The MyoFree Solution is unique, and despite the large amount of TMJ searching and online shopping I do, I have never come across it. It comes with a pamphlet that introduces the product, an instructional DVD, and a Myofree massage tool in a zippered storage pouch. Upon first glance I had no idea what this was! Luckily the pamphlet and the DVD explained everything very well.

The basis for this product is myofascial trigger point release. You use the tool to reach tender trigger points in the muscles surrounding your jaw, then use the Myofree tool to massage out the tender or knotted areas. This technique has been used for many areas of the body, and this tool allows for it to be easily done in hard-to-reach areas around the jaw.

This concept is great, as it is a conservative treatment option that helps target potential underlying causes of pain and discomfort. As I grind my teeth a lot at night, this is a great treatment option to have around as my facial muscles are frequently very tense and sore.

After watching the DVD, I started to do some of the exercises. It is very important to watch the DVD- even if you don’t feel like watching the parts on the background info, you should watch the instructional parts on how to target specific muscles and how to use the tool. The exercises target the muscles inside the cheek/around the jaw, the roof of the mouth, and under the tongue. Then, you use the tool to massage them.

They warn you that you may feel discomfort, and they are right! I could not believe how tender some of these areas were and how much discomfort I felt when massaging the areas that felt the most knotted up. Who knew the muscles under my tongue could be so tense?? By the end of my first session, my muscles felt very sore and generally agitated afterwards, but surprisingly, I felt much better the next morning.

As per their recommendations online, I tried to do 2 sessions per week, so later that week I tried my next session, and it hurt a little less during the exercises and felt better afterwards again. This trend continued, and while I still feel a little bit of discomfort with each session, it is much less than at the start, and continues to feel better and better afterwards.

I’ve used this around 7 times total now, and it has been a help for my muscle tension. As I also have internal derangement of the jaw, this will never completely “fix” all of my jaw issues, but it does offer a nice therapeutic option I can do at home.

The website also says that some patients find they can decrease the frequency of use and use it only in response to symptoms. For me, as I develop a lot of muscle tension surprisingly fast, I am going to continue to use it on a regular basis for now.

I recommend giving this product a try.

For patients with TMJ symptoms that are heavily muscular or tension related, this may offer quite a bit of relief. And for patients like myself who may have more progressed symptoms, it still offers some relief and that’s worth a lot in itself! Most importantly, it offers a conservative self-care treatment that you can use on your own without taking medicine or calling a doctor.

It’s amazing what having a little bit of control can do!

The Pressure Positive Company adds unique self care tool to its product line

By Pressure Positive September 15, 2014 No comments

The Pressure Positive Company is pleased to announce that they have partnered with TMJ Pain Solutions, LLC to offer the MyoFree® Solution, TMJ and facial pain self care tool in the Pressure Positive deep muscle self care product line. The patented MyoFree® Solution is a self-help system that effectively treats the myofascial (muscle) pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD), jaw disorders, headaches and atypical face pain using intra-oral trigger point release therapy.

The MyoFree® Solution consists of the MyoFree® tool and the Inside-Outside™ trigger point therapy technique. Both the tool and technique are patented and based on years of research and evidence based practice. It was developed for patients who suffer from stubborn cases of craniofacial pain, and makes intra-oral trigger point therapy practical, easy, and affordable. The tool will enable you to easily care for those hard to reach muscles inside your mouth, and the technique will enable you to break the pain cycle. The MyoFree® Solution is non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free. Benefits are cumulative.