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The 6 Official Tests: You Can't Afford to Fail!

By Pressure Positive September 30, 2015 No comments
Strengthen your "core" ... Stabilize your "core" ... We hear this term all the time now from fitness trainers to physical therapists to yoga instructors to TV infomercials to vanity magazines... It is now widely understood the importance of Core Muscle stability ranges from preventing spinal surgeries, recovering from back injuries to keeping your waist slim and attractive. It is also accepted that Americans have some of the sloppiest and out of shape Core Muscles in the world.

Is Your Back Pain Coming From Your Abs?

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
Brrr! A lot of our country is experiencing some pretty cold weather! For those of us in snowy climates, ’tis the season for shoveling … and low back injuries! However, you don’t have to have a shovel in your hand to hurt your back. Many people hurt their backs reaching down to pick up a pen off the floor or grabbing something out of the bottom drawer of the fridge!