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Nashville drummer depends on his Backnobber II!

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
Joshua Daubin is a studio and touring musician living the dream in Nashville, Tennessee. Being an in demand Drummer and an equally gifted professional Photographer means constant motion and a steady hand nearly every waking moment. All that repetitive arm movement creates built up tension in his shoulders and upper back.

The Original “Must Know Muscle” Causing Shoulder Joint Pain.

By Pressure Positive September 19, 2014 No comments
If you've been following these Muscle News publications, it should come as no surprise that another extremely common condition can be caused by myofascial trigger points and we can correct it ourselves with simple techniques: Shoulder Pain! Trigger points in this week's highlighted muscle can result in: Front of the Shoulder Pain Deep Shoulder Joint Pain Pain Between the Shoulder Blades Forearm Pain or Weakened Grip Strength Difficulty reaching back to get something from the back seat of the car, comb your hair, fasten your brassiere, pull something out of your back pocket, put a jacket on, zip up your dress, or grab something off the nightstand by your bed.

"The Migraine Maker" Could this Shoulder Muscle Cause Your Headache?

By Pressure Positive September 18, 2014 No comments
Greetings from Pressure Positive! In this issue of Muscle News, we'll learn to evaluate and treat a shoulder muscle that has a bad reputation for causing head pain, so much so it has earned the nickname "The Migraine Maker." This issue is a "must read" for anyone who experiences headaches!