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Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica

By Pressure Positive January 4, 2016 No comments

Trigger Point Therapy - Sciatica
by Judith Winer on Jan 04, 2016

When we analyse the traffic through our clinics at the end of each quarter, sciatica seems to be always up there in the top ten. There are probably two good reasons for this. The first is that sciatica is one of those conditions where the pain can be extremely severe. The second, is that manual therapy has long since been recognised as being effective for providing relief, even by most medical doctors. In fact, any therapist familiar with trigger point therapy will tell you that they're always upbeat going in to treat sciatica, as the effects of the therapy are in most cases, extremely positive. This is something that has been reaffirmed in a number of studies.

Trigger Points and Lower Back Pain

By Pressure Positive December 25, 2015 No comments

Trigger Points and Lower Back Pain

By Simeon Niel Asher

Lower Back Pain has reached epidemic proportions. Here we look at the part played by trigger points.

It has been suggested that low back pain is an inevitable result of walking upright (Harari). As the force of gravity acts upon the skeleton and its muscular and ligamentous armature, it is distributed via the fascia into three dimensions. Myers (2013) talks of an internal cohesion- compression of the body where it is both collapsing in on itself and pushing out from itself in a constant state of equilibrium, a concept called ‘tensegrity’. Tensegrity is seen nowhere better than in the spine.

If the spine were a straight, rigid stick it wouldn’t be able to compensate for the multiple forces acting upon it. Therefore it is specifically arranged in a series of curves (cervical and lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis). Along with the spinal discs, these curves are essential for shock absorption and are maintained by an interblend of muscles and ligaments that fire up in cyclical sequences.

Pathophysiology of Trigger Points

By Pressure Positive December 23, 2015 No comments

Sadly, too many therapists remain out of the loop, when it comes to understanding trigger points. In the case of some (mostly PT's, but others included) there is still a tremendous cynicism. This is generally because these therapists have received a negatively biased education, and have somehow avoided the opportunities to learn and explore trigger point therapy first hand.

For anyone willing to take the time to piece it all together, there is plenty of freely available research to support trigger point therapy. Mainstream acceptance of trigger point therapy has grown rapidly in recent years. We're committed to playing our part to push for the introduction of trigger point therapy as a standard teaching requirement for all manual therapists. 

In todays trigger point blog we take a deeper look at where trigger points come from.

Pain in the Thorax or Chest? Don't Assume the Worst!

By Pressure Positive May 11, 2015 No comments
There is an excellent reason our chests are protected by a powerful cage of ribs and fascia ... to protect our life-sustaining organs, such as the heart and lungs. When you have pain in the chest or thoracic cavity, you must certainly not ignore it. If there are accompanying symptoms down your arm, there may be something very unpleasant brewing in this vital area of your body, and you should seek a proper medical evaluation. However, many times it is hard to track down the cause of pains and aches in this scary body region. Thankfully, the field of Trigger Point Therapy has offered many solutions to these otherwise enigmatic symptoms. Pain in the thoracic cage and chest are frequently the result of easy to treat trigger points in several muscles, rather than an indication of serious illness. In this issue of Muscle News, we are going to look at one such muscle that causes mysterious thoracic pain without a dangerous underlying cause.

The Secret to Fixing the Weak Ankle Muscle.

By Pressure Positive March 9, 2015 No comments
If there is one injury that is famous for being repetitive, it's the sprained ankle! Especially with it being icy in many parts of the country right now, people are slipping and twisting their ankles left and right (or just one side at a time) ... hence, the subject of this month's issue of Muscle News... Fixing the Weak Ankle Muscle! Apart from icy sidewalks, weather is not the primary problem for repetitive ankle sprain sufferers ... It's weak ankles!