The Miracle Hand and Wrist Treatment: Part 1

By Pressure Positive June 30, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
p>One of the hard lessons we've learned in medicine is that Repetitive Use Injuries are real. We don't have to have a traumatic incident to incur an injury in a joint, muscle or tendon. All that has to happen to seriously wound a joint or muscle is repeated use day after day without proper maintenance and recovery.

Realizing this, one area that takes a pounding in modern life is the hand & wrist! Day after day, between using the computer to writing to driving, the hand & wrist never get a break! And who takes the time or even knows how to perform maintenance on this vital body area?

If you are experiencing wrist symptoms already, don't wait until permanent joint changes have already taken place. And even if you have no symptoms, it is still important to do these simple preventative exercises that take mere minutes.

The Miracle hand and Wrist Treatment: Part 1

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