The Pressure Positive Company forms strategic partnership with RAW Health International.

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March 13th, 2012

For Immediate Release:

Gilbertsville, PA Tuesday, - The Pressure Positive Company is proud to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with RAW Health International to promote techniques which combine the use of topical analgesics and deep muscle compression tools.


About The Pressure Positive Company

In 1979, The Pressure Positive Company began designing and making The Original Backnobber® and The Original Jacknobber® in rural Pennsylvania. It was their goal to produce well-crafted, elegantly simple self care massage tools of practical value made of quality materials. These same principles continue to guide The Pressure Positive Company today in its continuing efforts to develop new and useful self care products.

According to Renee Gladieux Principe, LMT, NCTMB, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of The Pressure Positive Company, “The alliance with RAW Health International improves the overall ability of both our companies to educate health professionals and our customers on the safe use of and benefits of using simple, non invasive, all natural self care products and techniques.  These products and techniques aid pre-activity warm-up, assist with injury prevention, promote strength and are very effective in defeating pain.  Also, vital for proper recovery these products will help alleviate symptoms associated with muscle tension and overuse, myofascial trigger points and encourage relief from everyday stress and strain."


About RAW Health International

Established in 2009, RAW Health International is focused on delivering innovative, effective, Natural Products Association (NPA) approved products to promote the health and wellness of its users and the environment. RAW Heat & RAW Ice, the world’s first and only NPA certified topical relief gels are the company’s first two products.  RAW Heat & RAW Ice also aid in injury prevention, recovery and are an effective remedy to sooth sore joints and muscles.  RAW products additionally relieve symptoms associated with chronic conditions, common stress and strain as well as helping muscles to properly warm up and cool down both before and after activity.


RAW Health’s CEO, Ross Marino, stated,  "All of us at RAW Health International are pleased to announce the strategic alliance with the leading company in self care massage tools, The Pressure Positive Company. This alliance will permit both of our companies to work together on the core values that we share, especially our commitment to the health and well being of those who use our products. We both remain dedicated to providing industry leading, effective relief in the most simple and natural forms. Individually, both companies offer superior products…together, we will provide healthcare professionals and customers the opportunity for excellent results and self care relief that have yet to be achieved in the industry. We look forward to a long lasting alliance that will ultimately benefit the users of both companies’ products."

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