The Pressure Positive Company is partnering with the International Myopain Society

By Pressure Positive December 30, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Pressure Positive Company is very excited to be partnering with the International Myopain Society (IMS) during their annual 2015 membership and donation drive to help kick-off their "People's Campaign for Preventing Chronic Pain"

Chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions are the #1 reason for seeking care, #1 cause of disability and addiction, and #1 driver of health care costs and are eminently preventable. The IMS needs your help right now to kick off this campaign by donating $100 when you join or renew your membership. The goal of this campaign is to help provide the best care for patients through development of a chronic pain research network to expand research, develop on-line patient training modules, expand certification seminars, and increase advocacy to support prevention. Watch the IMS website for new ON-LINE TRAINING PROGRAMS on myofascial pain and fibromyalgia coming soon!

When you renew your membership or join IMS and donate $100 to the People's Campaign, you will receive two special benefits: o A complimentary Pressure Positive KNOBBLE II All Purpose Massage Tool found at Code to receive the FREE Knobble II and discounts will be sent when you register ($5 shipping charges apply). o Access to the handouts and PowerPoint slides from the 2014 American Chapter conference.

PLEASE ACT NOW and join or renew your membership to the IMS, contribute to the Campaign, and invite one or more new members to join. Be sure to watch the IMS WEBSITE for new seminars, meetings, and on-line training opportunities. Many thanks!

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