Valerie Delaune, LAc. Speaking Tour 2012

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Trigger Point Author and Instructor to Speak at Conferences,
West Coast Seminar Tour Fall 2012


(Anchorage, AK)  April 4, 2012:          Author and continuing education instructor Valerie DeLaune will be presenting on trigger points at three conferences in 2012.


According to DeLaune, “Around 75% of pain is caused by trigger points; yet in spite of decades of research, it is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in medicine.  I’d like to change that by heightening awareness through magazine articles, books, and courses for health care professionals.”  She will be speaking at the American Massage Therapy Association Washington Convention in Tacoma in April, the World Massage Conference in June (a web-based conference), and the Northwest Symposium in Portland, Oregon, also in June.


Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscles that feel like “knots” or tight bands.  About 74% of the time, trigger points “refer” pain to a different area -- they are not located within the area in which a patient is actually feeling symptoms, so treating the area of pain does not afford relief. For example, if someone has pain in their hand and fingers, it is probably being referred from trigger points in muscles in their neck, shoulder area, or forearm.  Pain and other symptoms can be relieved if the trigger point is treated with pressure or other techniques.


DeLaune says “People live with a lot more pain than they need to. There really is a lot they can do to help themselves, and become informed about their options for treatments.  The earlier the intervention in a painful condition, the more likely the degree and duration of pain can be reduced or eliminated.”


DeLaune will also be touring West Coast States Fall 2012 teaching seminars for health care professionals in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.


You can find out more information about DeLaune’s books, speaking engagements, and seminars for health care professionals at



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