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  1. The Original Backnobber® II
    Price Reduced! The Original Backnobber®II massage tool product is an ergonomically engineered deep muscle, self care device. It can be broken down for easy travel and storage and comes with a fully illustrated 36 page User Guide. Proudly Made in the USA. Learn More
  2. Raw Dock with Backnobber II Lower

    Included in The Natural Muscle Care Kit

    One: Original Backnobber II Massage Tool
    One: Raw Dock
    One: Warm Sore No More 3oz roll on topical analgesic
    One: Cool Sore No More 3oz roll on topical analgesic

    Learn More
  3. Pressure Positive Therapeutic EVA Foam Roller 13"x5"

    Foam rollers temporarily relieve tension, stretch out sore muscles and provide therapeutic self-massage using your body weight as the compressive force. They’re also perfect props for improving balance, core strength and flexibility in any Yoga or Pilates program. Use our dual textured foam roller for targeting your back, pecs, lats, glutes, thighs, calves, feet & hip flexors. Includes illustrated guidelines. At 13” x 5” and with a filled EVA closed cell foam core, our foam roller is forever sturdy and perfectly suited for daily use in your traveling self care tool box. UPC: 633781000916 Learn More
  4. The Bum Wrap: Therapeutic Relief for Sciatic Pain


    Trigger points are specific areas in muscles that cause local tenderness and can refer pain to other areas of the body. Trigger point therapy is the application of deep pressure on these tender points to release muscle tension. Often, several different muscles send pain to the same spot. The goal is to target the right area and then apply sustained pressure to that area on a regular basis. Enough pressure should be applied on the point of tenderness to make it "hurt so good". The Bum Wrap is a fanny-pack style wrap that fits around the hips. It combines a hot/cold compress with therapy balls in an adjustable wrap to target and relieve trigger point pain. The patented ceramic clay compress has a semi-fluid consistency, ensuring uniform distribution of heat or cold without compromising the therapy balls ability to deliver pressure right where it is needed most. This combination of heat and pressure releases muscle knots and provides more blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the affected area.

    Muscle knot





    The Bum Wrap is designed to work out trigger points: the constricted knots in a tight band of muscle that restrict circulation in knotted muscle fibers. As pressure and heat is applied to a trigger point, the body begins to release the knot and slowly relieve the pain and tension in the muscle. Successful trigger point therapy typically requires repetitive treatments… if possible 2-3 times a day until the trigger points are eliminated.

    The Bum Wrap - Hot/Cold Trigger Point Therapy

  5. Safe, effective, natural relief for muscle knots, sciatica, and trigger points 
  6. Patented semi-fluid ceramic clay hot/cold pad holds heat or cold for long periods 
  7. Therapy balls adjust to provide pinpoint pressure to the effected area and stay put while in use 
  8. Adjustable wrap insures effective targeting of trigger points when used with the hot/cold compress and therapy balls 
  9. Included instruction booklet provides detailed illustrations on trigger points and how to alleviate them
  10. Learn More
  • The Original Index Knobber® w/ Cone

    The Original Index Knobber® w/Cone was designed for hands-on therapists that would allow for precise, deep tissue, hands-on therapy, free of the overuse injuries that often afflict these therapists over time. Made in the USA. Learn More
  • The Original Index Knobber® Pressure Tool Set

    The Original Index Knobber® is an ergonomically designed pressure tool for hands-on therapists. It allows for precise, hands-on therapy such as Trigger Point Pressure Release and Reflexology, free of the overuse injuries that often afflict these therapists over time. The Index Knobber Pressure Tool Set consists of three wood Index Knobbers each with a different tip. One with a ball, one with a cone and one with a cap tip. Each tip offers a different depth of contact point to the body. The cap tip is for precision in tight, small spaces such as between vertebra and intrinsic muscles of the hands and feet. The cone is also for precise pressure and is suitable for compression of the muscles of the forearm, hands, feet, spine and shoulder. The ball tip offers the most diffuse pressure and is best used for larger, thicker muscles of the leg, shoulder, back and chest. All wood except the cap tip is made of vinyl. Lightly finished with a thin coat of polyurethane. Recommended for use over light clothing. Not recommended for use with creams or lotion. Wipe clean using warm water and mild soap. Air dry between use. Made in the USA. Learn More
  • The Original Knobble® II
    The Knobble® II massage tool is the new design of the all wood favorite. Made of durable polymer with a band of non-latex, Santoprene, The Knobble II gives your hand more power when you need it. Learn More
  • Tiger Tail
    Make your muscles happy! The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager, is a dense foam covered, muscle-friendly self care massage tool that helps you apply rolling and compression massage techniques. Learn More
  • The Original Palmassager
    The Original Palmassager™ is one of the most efficient massage therapy aids available anywhere. Hold it firmly in the palm of the hand and use one, two or three of its round knobs to massage sore muscles. Learn More
  • The Original Jacknobber® II
    The Original Jacknobber®II is an elegantly designed, hand held massage tool. It can be used to provide a most pleasant and relaxing massage. Learn More
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