The Original Backnobber II User Guide

Regular use of The Original Backnobber ® tools can help you better understand the source and nature of your muscle discomfort and can be an exceptionally valuable aid in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The guidelines listed in the Original Backnobber User Guide can be followed when using The Original Backnobber® tools on any muscle in the body.

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TMJ Treatment and Other Therapy Options

If you have TMJ, your medical and/or dental professional will decide the best treatment options for you and your individual needs. Both of you can rest assured that the MyoFree® Solution can be added as a compliment to any treatment regime with no concern about contraindications.

You may have to go through numerous tests to confirm a diagnosis of TMJ. Diagnostic procedures may include imaging studies such as x-ray, MRI, and CT scans.

Frequently Asked Questions about TMJ

Q: How did my jaw muscles become so tight and constricted?

A: Any number of factors can cause your jaw muscles to become tight, such as direct trauma, like a car accident. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, that will cause your jaw muscles to tighten, too. A jaw misalignment, even minor, can put the jaw muscles into continuous spasm. Sometimes something seemingly harmless, like gum chewing, might set off muscle spasms in your jaw.

The Causes of TMJ / How Did I Get TMJ?

While the causes of TMJ can be related to direct trauma to the jaw joint, such as a blow to the jaw, the cause is unclear and/or unknown in many cases. Misalignment should always be considered and evaluated by a specialized dentist.

About TMJ Pain Solutions

TMJ Pain Solutions is a trusted brand of The Pressure Positive Company and is located in Gilbertsville, PA.

For those who suffer from TMJ and other head, face and jaw pain, TMJ Pain Solutions explains the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective way to significantly decrease or in most instances eliminate myofascial pain due to trigger points whenever and wherever you need it.

Unlike other therapy options, the MyoFree® Solution is non-invasive and does not involve drugs or surgery. With a little practice, you can learn to treat yourself in a few minutes. We provide this comprehensive self-care program so people can keep themselves pain free and take back their life!

The MyoFree® Solution is proudly made in the U.S.A. of FDA-approved materials. The MyoFree® tool and Inside-Outside technique are based on years of research and both are patented and trademarked.

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