The MyoFree® Solution

The MyoFree® Solution

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and craniofacial pain self care tool

The patented MyoFree® Solution is a self-help system that effectively treats the muscles involved in temporomandibular joint , jaw, headache and atypical face pain using intra-oral trigger point release therapy. The kit consists of the easy-to-use MyoFree® massage tool, a protective carry pouch, and a 20 minute DVD which teaches the easy-to-learn Inside-Outside™ technique by using 3D animation of the muscle groups.

*Return Policy: Your MyoFree® tool is a personal device, and is not returnable. Since it is a personal tool, do not share it with anyone. We recommend you wash the MyoFree® tool with soap and water before and after every use. Dry it thoroughly before placing it in the storage case.


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Y. Jacqueline
5/ 5
works really well