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The no mess way to apply an even icing to the soles of your feet.

The IcyFeet Cold Pack is recommended by health care professionals to temporarily relieve pain and inflammation from athletic injury, repetitive stress conditions and daily wear and tear. Athletes, professionals, laborers, patients, children, teens and seniors will benefit from IcyFeet's easy to use, effective one size fits all rigid design which allows the user to apply constant icy contact with the soles of the feet and heel.

The IcyFeet Cold Pack features a recessed heel cup that surrounds the entire heel and lower Achilles tendon, an elevated arch to promote consistent contact with the Plantar fascia, an open toe to accommodate larger foot sizes and two flexible Velcro straps to custom fit the user. IcyFeet comes in both left and right sizes.

IcyFeet stores conveniently in your kitchen freezer and is permanently filled with a gel material that refreezes after use with no watery mess clean up.

Never apply IcyFeet to bare skin. Recommended use with a soft clean sock. Washes with mild non abrasive soap and warm water.


SKU: ICYL UPC: 000309519364 - IcyFeet Left - 1.00 lb
SKU: ICYR UPC: 000309519357 - IcyFeet Right - 1.00 lb
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G. Becky
5/ 5
Wonderful idea and product!