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The new 3TOOL is an easy-to-use, intuitive massage tool that improves professional treatment by manual therapists and is an aid for better results at home by their clients and patients.

Made of thermoplastic rubber, the 3TOOL is affordable, portable, easy to clean and ergonomically engineered. The 3TOOL is the perfect solution for people with regular muscle aches and pains and has been specifically designed for the self treatment of pain caused by muscle contractures and myofascial trigger points.

Although simple in appearance, the new 3TOOL is the engineered outcome of 3 years of research by Spanish physiotherapists from San Jorge University and Fisioterapia Valdespartera in collaboration with engineers from the HOWLab group from Zaragoza University.

Many physiotherapists and other manual therapists recommend simple self-massage exercises and compression of muscle contractures and myofascial trigger points as a complement to treatment. In all manual therapy protocols, successful outcomes depend not only on the therapists clinical work, but also the patients' or clients' efforts to control or modulate lifestyle habits and patterns of movement or inactivity. 3TOOL has been created in order to carry out self-treatment exercises in the home, complementing professional treatment. It is a versatile, easy-to-use tool, for professionals, patients and athletes.